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To stay on the good book of the customers, it is essential to relate to their expectations. Engaging with the customers in more valuable conversations helps you to stay connected with their needs and have a comprehensive insight into the business strategies that you need to adapt for scaling your service policy.

So, to maintain this bond between you and your customer and also to enhance the growth of your business, Fondos offers you the best acquisition platform services. We help you to build a strategic approach that includes proper analytics, steady planning, and advanced insights to create a more effective acquisition platform for your organization.

Domains of our Services

Here are the sub-services that we provide to develop an effective acquisition platform necessary for your brand to grow:

1 Icon Customized Inbound And Outbound Telesales Services

Customized Inbound And Outbound Telesales Services

Fondos is employed with expert service personnel who, on behalf of you, will benefit your customers with our inbound telesales service. Moreover, our outbound agents also have expertise in multiple languages and sales negotiation strategies necessary for your customer satisfaction. We intend to offer our clients with a customized service for their best understanding.
2 Icon Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Our top-notch lead generation services will provide you with the best-quality potential leads that will serve as the support or building block to create an effective sales funnel. We offer our team service with lead generation experts who help in validating highly targeted prospects necessary for your organization to enhance your database.
3 Icon Online Market Research

Online Market Research

Fondos aims to specially meet the quality of standards and requirements suitable for global market research. Our service is completely transparent while we collaborate with you to find the best marketing techniques that would fit your consumer's demands. We add data analytics for enhancing and making you stand out in online market research.
4 Icon Multimedia Campaigns

Multimedia Campaigns

To make your teleservice campaign more impactful, you need to have successful telesales execution, which can be designed through effective multimedia collaboration. Our agency strives to offer you the best multimedia campaigning designed through high-end strategies to help your brand expand its reach within a short time.
5 Icon Customer Retention Services

Customer Retention Services

If you are worried about losing your customer due to the heavy run competitive market, then our unique acquisition platform development strategy can come to your help. With our Customer Retention Service, we offer you quick and effective planning for retaining your customers for the long term and preventing them from losing out.
6 Icon Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

More than 90% of users utilize search engines to look for the best brand they can rely upon. These are highly crowded areas for a brand to get discovered by the customers. That's why we provide search engine marketing techniques, which are stuffed with all the potential strategies to make your brand rank consistently high on the search engine results page and also target more customers within a short period.
7 Icon Cross-Sell And Up-Sell Programs

Cross-Sell And Up-Sell Programs

Cross-selling and up-selling programs can be the most cost-effective method for you to earn a better profit. We aim to serve you with user-efficient cross-sell and up-sell programs along with our best-quality customer service to let you stay on the side of enhanced profit all the time.
8 Icon B2B _ B2C Telesales

B2B & B2C Telesales

To follow up on the consistency of your sales reps, process orders, close sales, etc., it's necessary to stay connected with our B2B service. Our B2C telesales service is equally effective in generating more sales for the goods and services facilitated by you among your consumers.
9 Icon Personal Contact Programs

Personal Contact Programs

Personal contact programs, also known as short-duration instructions, are famous for brand representation and high-quality service provision. And exactly that's what we strive to provide your brand with to let you enjoy the benefits of our expert team-run personal contact programs.
11 Icon Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Our acquisition platform includes email marketing, which facilitates a broader reach out of your brand and its services to your target audience. We conduct detailed research and a thorough analysis of your consumers and the content type that can attract them easily.
12 Icon Content-Based Strategy

Content-Based Strategy

Fondos offers content design services based on the valuable and relevant materials capable of attracting more audiences with their user-engaging approach. Through our content-based strategies and techniques, you can quickly draw more brand loyalty from your users with the utmost efficiency.
13 Icon Advertising


Our proficient team will help you in creating a more effective advertising plan and concept, which will represent your brand's personality and USP to more audiences and trigger them to have an emotional bonding with you.
14 Icon Affiliate And Influencer Alignment

Affiliate And Influencer Alignment

The affiliate programs and influencer-based marketing is taking the sales world by storm. Most brands use this method of marketing to reach out to more consumers who rely upon others to get the assurance of products before availing them. So, considering the scope of opportunities offered by affiliate and influencer marketing, we have designed a combined strategy that is undoubtedly going to incur more conversions for your brand.
15 Icon Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

If you are willing to crack the social media platforms for going sharper with your strategy, then we can be your best guide. We will customize your social media strategy using data automation and other innovative ideas that are necessary to create a community of brand advocates and facilitate your online brand presence.

Best Customer Acquisition Platform Development Agency

Why Choose Fondos for Acquisition Platform Development?

Our goal is always to fulfill our commitment to let you have the best of strategic marketing techniques and help you maintain a healthy connection with your consumers. We analyze the acquisition platform data to provide you with deep insights into more advanced marketing plans so that you can effectively track your customers’ activities and convert them into potential leads.

Our employees are highly skilled in developing efficient acquisition platforms while offering you with robust customer service. Moreover, with our best sales-related guide, we keep a continuous follow-up with you to render any support that you may need anytime.

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Benefits of working with Fondos

We believe that our acquisition platform development service can make you stay ahead of all and establish a renowned name in the industry. Below given are some perks that you can enjoy with our company’s service:

Improved Stability Of Your Brand
Our in-depth analytics are designed to understand the nature and intent of your customers to build a more effective strategy for your sales program and enhance the stability of your brand.
Experienced Telesales Experts Ensure The Best Service
Our expert team of telesales consultants learns properly the requirements and framework of your business organization to help you with your marketing strategies and sales program.
Advanced Services Keep Your Brand Name Ahead
With our several years of experience in this domain, we formulate certain efficient plans that will keep you and your business updated in the industry all the time.

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Frequently asked questions

What is an acquisition channel?
Acquisition channel refers to those traffic channels through which visitors are acquired on your site or the place where you get to meet your customers for the first time. And for the implementation of efficient sales strategies, acquisition platform data is collected through these channels from the customers’ first visit to the site.
What are the 4 types of acquisition?
The 4 types of acquisitions are horizontal acquisition, conglomerate acquisition, vertical acquisition, and congeneric acquisition.
What are the key components of an acquisition?
The key components of the acquisition include better communication, shared profit, proper planning, integration, and shared vision.
What is an acquisition value?
Acquisition value refers to the relative value of a product or service offered by your brand, which your customers can afford to purchase.


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