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APIInsure Insuretech API Platform

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APIInsure: One-Stop Solution For Every Insurance Provider


A Robust Platform with 30+ Integrations across Various Insurance Categories

Welcome to FondosTech’s APIInsure, the game-changing Insuretech API platform designed to revolutionize insurance distribution. With seamless integration capabilities, FondosTech empowers me as an insurance professional to deliver exceptional products and services, driving customer satisfaction and boosting my business success.

Real-Time Quotations and Policy Management

Customizable for My Preferred Distribution Channels

Unlock New Revenue Streams with Comprehensive Offerings

Robust LAMP Architecture for Unbeatable Performance

InsureTech as a Service

One-Stop Insurance Hub: Unlock Efficiency and Revenue Growth
With APIInsure, bid farewell to the hassle of logging into multiple insurance company platforms. Our revolutionary product centralizes your insurance operations, integrating seamlessly with insurance company APIs. By providing a single window to access quotes from multiple insurance companies, APIInsure enables you to choose the best-suited plan in terms of coverage and price. Simplify your operations, drive revenue growth, and enhance customer satisfaction.
Mastering Insurance Engine: Unleashing Optimal Plan Selection
APIInsure takes insurance plan selection to a whole new level by rationalizing the Make model and variant API for the quote engine. Our Data Science team constantly works on enhancing the Make model and variant master database. By leveraging automated engines and cutting-edge algorithms, APIInsure ensures you always have access to the best possible insurance options. Experience precision, personalization, and perfection while selecting the ideal insurance plans.
Secure, Customizable, and Scalable: Your Insurance Journey Enhanced
APIInsure revolutionizes your insurance journey by providing a secure, customizable, scalable platform. Enjoy the flexibility to utilize data from a single insurance provider or tap into multiple providers for policy creation. Our hybrid app, available for Android and Apple ecosystems, enhances accessibility. APIInsure is a white-label solution for web and mobile apps, ensuring your data and applications remain completely secure. Experience seamless insurance transactions within a compliant, private cloud environment equipped with auto-scalable servers and multi-factor authentication (MFA).
Digital Campaigns Made Effortless: Accelerate POSP Onboarding
APIInsure simplifies the process of onboarding Point of Sale Persons (POSPs) by automating digital campaigns through social media, Google, and WhatsApp. Our platform utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to attract and engage relevant individuals eager to sign up as POSPs. Say goodbye to manual efforts and unlock a streamlined, accelerated POSP recruitment journey.

Why FondosTech Is Right For You?

Seamless Integration, Limitless Potential
Connect, Innovate, Excel: FondosTech empowers you with a seamless integration experience, enabling you to connect effortlessly with multiple insurers, products, and technology formats. Our unified API unlocks limitless potential by streamlining your end-user insurance life cycle. Stay ahead with up-to-date APIs that adapt to evolving regulations, insurer systems upgrades, and changing underwriting guidelines. With FondosTech, you'll excel in a complex universe of insurance distribution.
Accelerate Your Business with Full-Stack Simplicity
Simplify, Accelerate, Succeed: With our simplified, unified API, you can access the entire insurance universe at your fingertips. Experience complete digital insurance purchase journeys, seamless claim registration processes, and robust dashboards for performance analysis. Achieve 50% faster go-to-market speed and thrive in the competitive insurance landscape.
Unleash Security, Scalability, and Compliance
Secure, Scale, and Comply: FondosTech prioritizes your data security, scalability, and compliance. Hosted on private cloud environments like AWS/Azure, your application and database are fully protected. We ensure no mixing of data or applications with other platforms, maintaining complete security and ownership. Our platform complies with IRDAI requirements and works closely with regulators for necessary approvals. Enjoy auto-scalable servers, cloud-based firewalls, and multi-factor authentication (MFA) for robust protection and scalability.

APIInsure Insurance API Platform Features

Website Design and Contact Solutions for Insurance Broker/Intermediary
Direct Insurance Sales to Customers
Insurance Sales through POSP (Point of Sale Person)
Sell Insurance through Affinity Partner
Sell Insurance Though the CSC/Suvidha Kendra
Integrate Wellness App/Providers
Digitally Onboard POSP
Digitally Training of Point Of Sales Person
Claim Assistance Management
Omnichannel Platform
Digital Marketing
Customer Relationship Management – CRM
Dashboard for Various stakeholders
Reporting Automation
Rewards Management Platform
IRDAI Reporting Platform
Insurance Proliferation through QR Code

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